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Choosing the right kitchen is essential for the perfect home. Here we have listed the perfect combination including colours styles, various designs and layout structures of different kitchens, making it easier for you to select your ideal. Colour Ideas Retro Black & White: Creates a family cosy retro-look atmosphere, something very favoured by vintage lovers or simply people with a minimalist taste preference. This is ideal when combined with black & white tiling for the floor or walls creating a perfect, congruent design. Icy White: More suitable for modern or contemporary homes, nicely polished with a shiny surface, it will make your kitchen space look neat and immaculate, perfect for

Payroll is an essential part of any organisation. The payroll department are responsible for the employee's salary, but also the management and reputation of the company. This is because they have to ensure the company is compliant with the various legislations.   1. Maintaining the Company’s Reputation The financial responsibility that a company has towards their employees is to make sure that their payroll activities stick to the country's tax obligations and follow the employment legislations. If a company is well organised and is meeting the tax obligations on time, it would start to form a reputation as a stable and trusted employer. Thus attracting more clients and

Online Business and how SEO plays a part In the present day and age, it has become a cliche to mention how important it is to be up-to-date and involved in social media as a business. However, what many companies take for granted is the quality of their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to drive higher numbers of sales and customers. Currently, 77% of UK’s population make online purchases at least once a month making it the highest rate globally. Therefore, having a good ranking on search engines is vitally important. 94% of smart phone users looked for local stores nearby. 80% of UK users participated in

Whether you are a Private Practitioner, managing your own clinic or plan to do so in the distant future, you are probably aware of the difficulties and challenges you need to face with when it comes to managing your finances; decreasing your overall tax, managing your business and personal expenses. Here is a basic guide that can assist you: Calculate your expenses; Know what is an expense in your industry; this can include; Rent Clinic Equipment Operating cots Travel expenses By setting up your business expenses accordingly and not interfering them with your personal expenses, you will be able to keep you overall tax amount considerably lower. Tax law says that an expense

Coming to the digital information age and the drastic change in marketing, it can be quite complex and overwhelming for businesses to keep up with these trends and innovations. Whether you are a large, medium sized enterprise or a small start up struggling to build your online presence, we have broken down and simplified this field into the key main strategies that are vital to to make your business thrive and succeed. 1. Create A Website One of the first steps of any marketing campaign or business is to create a website. This helps with many functions such as a sales page, product/service showcase and info. Subsequently, with