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   Digital Marketing    4 digital marketing strategies that will help build your brand awareness
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4 digital marketing strategies that will help build your brand awareness

Coming to the digital information age and the drastic change in marketing, it can be quite complex and overwhelming for businesses to keep up with these trends and innovations.
Whether you are a large, medium sized enterprise or a small start up struggling to build your online presence, we have broken down and simplified this field into the key main strategies that are vital to to make your business thrive and succeed.

1. Create A Website
One of the first steps of any marketing campaign or business is to create a website. This helps with many functions such as a sales page, product/service showcase and info. Subsequently, with a website you will able to boost your SEO and link your social media networks which all contribute to building a strong customer base.
There are various ways to create a website; either using basic website builders yourself or hiring a specialist web developer for a more professional design accustomed to your needs and preferences.

2. Building a strong foundation in SEO:
Many networking businesses of whom majority of sales are generated through word of mouth, direct marketing methods, take for granted the effectiveness of having a good listing on search engines amongst the industry they specialise in. Google now processes over 3.5 billion searches per day, millions of which are business and sales industry related. SEO is a perfect ground to generate traffic to your website/sales funnel, your social media platforms and most importantly gather more clients

3. Make use of Social Media, paid and free advertising:
As you might have already heard, social media is essential in building great brand awareness. Here are a few way in which to begin developing you SM platforms:
Depending on the niche of your business set up the most suitable social network
Post high value content, – is it valuable and how is it different from the competitors content?
Frequency of posts and engagement of with clients/other businesses – liking, commenting and sharing content
Paid advertising: Whilst engaging in social media networks can help you build online presence, tools such as Facebook advertising may assist you in increasing the number of followers or fans on pages & groups. Facebook ads also allow you to target specific audiences with particular interests, age groups, etc. related to your industry.

4. PPC Google Ads:
Unlike SEO, on Pay-Per-Click, you are charged for every time someone clicks on your link. One of the platforms to use PPC is Google Adwords & there are several sub categories:
Display Ads
Video Ads
Search Ads
App Ads

PPC also allows you to advertise per acquisition, meaning you are charged for your ad to be shown on certain content, for example, YouTube videos which could be related to your industry. This will help reach out to a perfect audience in high quantity. Other advantages include controlling your results and budget whilst being able to approximate your return of investment.

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