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   Miscellaneous    4 Key Reasons Why Payroll Is Necessary Within A Business
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4 Key Reasons Why Payroll Is Necessary Within A Business

Payroll is an essential part of any organisation. The payroll department are responsible for the employee’s salary, but also the management and reputation of the company. This is because they have to ensure the company is compliant with the various legislations.


1. Maintaining the Company’s Reputation

The financial responsibility that a company has towards their employees is to make sure that their payroll activities stick to the country’s tax obligations and follow the employment legislations. If a company is well organised and is meeting the tax obligations on time, it would start to form a reputation as a stable and trusted employer. Thus attracting more clients and talent.

2. Morale of Your Employees

Payroll plays a critical role on the morale of the employees, as it ensures staff get paid at the correct date. As late or inaccurate payroll, could lead to employees questioning the stability of the company, therefore compromising the working environment resulting in under-performance or ignorant behaviour in the company.

3. Compensation Package

This allows employees to feel their net worth within the company. As payroll is based on the annual performance of an employee, this means that it can be rewarded with an increased salary or a bonus. In theory, this boosts the motivation within the workforce, as staff are rewarded for their efforts; gradually leading to the further development of the company.

4. Distribution of Resources

As many accountants may know payroll comes with a large amount of paperwork and excel calculations which can be very time consuming. Payroll is performed regularly; therefore additional resourcing is needed to make sure that calculations are accurate and precise. However, this can be solved by engaging in a payroll system. A payroll software system allows the data to be organized to generate customised reports. In addition a payroll software system helps track the hours, wages, deductions and withholding taxes, printing and delivering of checks and paying employment taxes to the government. As these systems are up to date with the latest legislative changes, there is no need to worry about an overhaul on their present payroll system.

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