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   Miscellaneous    Choosing the perfect Carpet
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Choosing the perfect Carpet

Many of us have trouble choosing the right carpet for our household, office space or other property. Whether you have the trouble deciding the material to use or feeling picky about style & colour in contrast to property surroundings; here are some tips & advice to find an ideal for you:

Hardwood & Engineered
Hardwood made out of a single piece of thick wood whilst the engineered consists of several thick layers. Both have a more fine and professional appearance. Traditional hardwood can be used in houses to give a more contemporary look which can be used for families. A smooth, pleasant surface to walk on; perfect for those who seek more comfort. Another advantage is being able to change colour and varnish the flooring. However, it is slightly harder to install.

Laminate Flooring
Synthetic flooring made from several materials that gives a unique look similar to hardwood surface. Perfect to use when sticking to a lower budget but still wanting to have that solid-wood like style . Laminate flooring is much more long lasting in terms of being scratch proof and more resistant (no need to consistently sand unlike hardwood) therefore being suitable for families and pets.

Superb for homes; can be used to cover large parts of the households including bedrooms, corridors and stairways to provide warmth and comfort for the occupants. Available in different variations of material, style and colour and easy to stick to a low budget. Coming in Patterns, natural fibres, smooth, textured & many more.

Nice, fresh, elegant look & easy to look after. Made of coloured polyvinyl chloride and available in different thickness. Similarly to laminate flooring, Vinyl comes at a fairly low budget while still giving the property that elegant look.



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