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Search Engine Optimisation

A website without SEO is like a Car without Fuel. 97% customers do not click next page button on Google, so if your business is not one 1st page you're definitely losing the customers.

Search Engine Optimisation

What happen when you handover your visiting card to someone. The first thing they do is visit your website to see your business profile. Your website is online appearance of you and your business. How many times you’ve searched for other services or products on Facebook, Twitter or other networks. SEO specifically driven technique to increase footfall of your website to generate hot leads from customers which are searching for service or products you offer. If you’re not doing it right, you’re missing out on vital leads, conversions and brand exposure. You’re expert in what you do but this is where you need an SEO company.

We are SEO Experts

Google and other search engines getting smarter day by day. Artificial Intelligence has changed the way of doing SEO with quick fix. At VIX R&D department, SEO specialists are busy in cracking the way of improving SEO of businesses like yours. We work hard to adapt and refine our services in response to the challenges of Search engine’s constantly changing algorithm to rank pages and penalise them due to shortcuts used to increase rankings.

This 20% investment of our profits into research & development to gain knowledge and expertise actually benefits your business.

We haven’t helped only local businesses but the Government agencies in Gulf to increase traffic and propagate their message to masses.

How to start your Campaign

Every business is unique in term of its customers, competitors, objectives and challenges. At VIX We take every business as unique case. The Critics will analyse your website and your current profile to find out the areas of improvements. Then Marketing Consultant (Senior Experts) will examine your market sector and your requirements along with the competitive analysis to find out What your competitors are doing. Once we have detailed analysis of your competition, We don’t re-invent the wheel.

Analyst then will discover the keywords that are relevant to your products or services and will then prioritise them in order to achieve long term results.

Pre-SEO Audit

Every project is audited over SEO 60 factors including duplicate content, website load time, search engine blocked pages, internal linking, Image sizes, portability, bugs, potential penalty links etc.


After detailed report we fix all those errors and bugs, remove all potential links which could lead to Google’s penalty.

On-Site SEO

10 years ago, SEO used to be having right page title, descriptions and headings. Today SEO has evolved and it has evolved the SEO specialists as well. We make sure we have not only covered basic SEO but the advance level of integration which might delay the prompt result but will be long lasting.


There’s bit of grey area in SEO, where few agencies shows machine-oriented results through their owned applications which is called Black Hat SEO. The drawback of this type of SEO is that mentioned ranking could be obtained very quickly but will only sustain until you’ll be paying them.

At VIX we believe in long term relationship and organic SEO which might take few weeks but will last longer and will need very little maintenance.


At Local SEO we make sure your business appears on each and every directory and web portal, people are speaking about business and services which will bring another stream of leads into your business.

Let’s get Started

Google & Facebook Trained experienced and talented experts work together to achieve your results.

01 Digital Marketing

We are one of the emerging Digital Marketing Agencies of London focused on innovative marketing hacks and result-oriented approach..

02 Web Designs

Creativity and Innovation are the two major fields VIX is well famous and our Business Web Solutions are used by over 700 businesses all over the world...

03 Branding & Strategy

You create Products we will convert them into Brands. Reaching to your customer's heart and leaving a mark in their minds is our job.