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   Uncategorized    Bright Kitchen Ideas

Bright Kitchen Ideas

Choosing the right kitchen is essential for the perfect home. Here we have listed the perfect combination including colours styles, various designs and layout structures of different kitchens, making it easier for you to select your ideal.

Colour Ideas

Retro Black & White:
Creates a family cosy retro-look atmosphere, something very favoured by vintage lovers or simply people with a minimalist taste preference. This is ideal when combined with black & white tiling for the floor or walls creating a perfect, congruent design.

Icy White:
More suitable for modern or contemporary homes, nicely polished with a shiny surface, it will make your kitchen space look neat and immaculate, perfect for dining. Alongside good lighting from large window space as well as a modern design for the rest of the home, this would be a perfect for you selection for you.

Extravagant Red
For the daring and bold, this will give your home a more fine and outstanding atmosphere. Hand in hand with Red kitchen counters and cupboards it will add unique and tasteful personality to your home. This could also be replaced by different but also marvellous colours such navy blue or bright orange.


The retro style look, especially made for family homes or vintage lovers. Creates a warm, cozy atmosphere for your home.

Usually includes, neatly polished or granite surfaces with smooth counter tops and a nicely structured layout.

Essential Kitchen Appliances/Appliances:
Slow cooker
Perfect alternative for cooking – healthy, more lean food from fresh ingredients without having to go through fuss with cooking equipment and washing-up. Use for large or small portions of rice, meat or steamed vegetables. This is an appliance brilliant for people with busy or hectic lifestyles.

Blender –
An essential for health lovers, but also highly recommended for all households making it very easy and time efficient to meet the daily intake for fruits and vegetables.

Coffee Machine:
A superb variant for the kettle and flawless for the coffee lovers. With much higher quality brewed coffee you will never want to go back – everything from latte, cappuccinos to espresso and regular coffee.

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